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Why You Need a Glock

Posted on 26 October 2020 by David Allred

Thousands of people own, enjoy, and rely on their Glock pistols. Here are a few reasons why you need to purchase one today. 

They’re Easy to Find

Glocks can be found anywhere. This means that you can go anywhere and find accessories, parts, and a gunsmith for your pistol. In some places, you can even find parts for them at your local department store. Knowing that you can find accessories so easily makes owning this type of pistol more convenient. Plus, they are one of the handguns certified for sale almost everywhere. 

They’re Easy to Maintain

These pistols are simple. Only two tools are required for most fixes. All you need is a pin punch and a knife. Then, you can sit down with one of the many how-to videos and modify your gun. If you don’t feel like doing your own work, a gunsmith can quickly fix your weapon. This brand is so popular that you never have to worry about finding a gunsmith. Plus, work tends to be cheaper on a Glock. 

They’re Interchangeable

Many of these pistols use the same frame, so you can easily buy a caliber conversion kit for yours. These may be harder to find on some of the newer models, but it is especially true for slightly older ones. You can also easily change to a different magazine for extra bullets. You can even get giant magazines that hold over 30 rounds for your Glock. One thing you can’t do is swap the slide from a standard caliber with one on a .45 ACP or 10 mm. However, there are aftermarket kits for this conversion. 

It’s Easy to Find Aftermarket Parts

In some cases, the aftermarket has more options than the original company. You can get aftermarket kits to change calibers anywhere. You can even find conversions to exotic calibers. Night sights are also readily available. Almost every major manufacturer makes a night sight for a Glock. You can also find parts in different materials if you don’t like the ones your gun comes with. Basically, every accessory imaginable is available for this brand. If it exists, they probably make it for a Glock. 

They’re Light

A typical Glock weighs 1.5 pounds when empty and 2 when loaded. Loaded with 17 bullets in the magazine. That’s less than most other brands unloaded. 

There are many more reasons you should buy a Glock. So go out today and get yourself one of the most convenient pistols on the market.

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9 mm Pistol – Our Top Picks

Posted on 13 March 2020 by David Allred

For self-defense, there’s no doubt that you are going to need a proper handgun, one that can be concealed easily. One of the best pistols is the 9m handgun, thanks to its size. Nowadays, 9mm pistols are very popular and compared to other weapons, they are quite affordable too.

Manufacturers are trying their best to come up with 9mm handgun models that everyone loves and, to be fair, there are quite some pistols that managed to make an impression. If you’re looking for a 9mm pistol for your self-defense, then here are some models that might spark your interest.

Heckler & Koch USP

If durability is your top requirement for your concealed carry weapon, the Heckler & Koch USP series will not disappoint you. They are some of the most thoroughly torture tested handguns, so you can rest assured they have a lot to offer in terms of quality.

That being said, these pistols were put through rain, snow, mud, sleet, and dirt, to test whether they would be able to keep performing properly or not. Furthermore, the manufacturers tried switching compatible parts between the guns they were testing. The USP series performed without any problem. Not to mention that the guns had more than 200.000 rounds ran through them and had no issues either.

Although the USP handguns are a little bigger and quite chunky, they are still great for concealed carry and will be perfect for protection. You will have to spend more on such a pistol, but considering how durable it can be, it’s worth it.

SIG P226

This gun became one of the United States Military’s sidearms of choice. This pistol is amazing, mostly due to its durable construction and how fast it can be when it fires. But that’s not all – it can also shoot accurately, which is a very important consideration. You want to be able to strike your attacker if you are ever in that situation, right?

It’s also amazing to see how safe this weapon is to use. It relies on the long initial double-action trigger. This helps prevent any potential accidental discharge, which is great in case of any unexpected situation.

The frame is an all-metal one, and the gun itself can handle about 15 to 20 round magazines.

Ruger SR9c 9mm

The Ruger SR9c handgun is another amazing alternative. For people who want to have more options to choose from, it’s a great one. It has four different versions, with one of them being able to use a 17+1 round magazine. Besides, each version varies in color. This handgun can pretty much give you everything that you need in terms of a concealed pistol, so you won’t regret buying it. It’s not that expensive either, at least in comparison to other similar handguns.

Glock 34

If you want a handgun for different actions, then Glock 34 may be the perfect 9mm pistol model for you. That’s because the item can be used not only as a defense gun but also as a competition gun, which makes it pretty versatile and more accessible for multiple people. It has many useful features that make it popular, such as the milled side that allows you to add a red dot optic, as well as the adjustable sights and the long barrel.

All in all, the weapon can be a nice investment, especially because it doesn’t let you feel a lot of recoil, and it’s lighter than many similar products.

Smith & Wesson M&P9 2.0

The 2.0 model is an upgrade of older Smith & Wesson M&P pistols. It has a much better grip, as the texture around the grip prevents slipping, and the frame is stronger too. That being said, you won’t have to worry when it comes to its durability, because the frame will protect the weapon from damage.

You will be able to shoot accurately considering it has such a good grip. On top of that, it feels extremely comfortable. For a decent price, you can ensure that you will shoot accurately and smoothly. Is there anything better than this?

Walther PPQ M2

One of the most popular choices for a 9mm handgun among gun lovers is the PPQ line of pistols by Walther. With these pistols, you will get an amazing grip and the trigger is also great. The Walther PPQ M2, for instance, has a nice size that makes it suitable for shooting at the range, but it is also great for a closer range. At the same time, it is amazing for concealed carry, being a great ally for whoever wants to protect themselves from potential threats.


CZ P10C is a newer gun model on the market. It was released only in 2017, although its development began in 2014. If you heard about the CZ 75, then you might know that the CZ P10C is another version of that model – a striker-fired version.

Its safety measures are amazing. The gun can pretty much prevent accidental discharge. It does that through a firing pin lock. At the same time, the trigger has been made in such a way that it prevents accidental discharges. Unless it has been fully depressed, the trigger will not allow any discharge.

Apart from the obvious safety benefits, the gun is a high-quality one, having a polymer frame that has been reinforced with glass fiber. It can use 15 rounds.

Final Thoughts

9mm pistols are popular choices for people who want to have a self-defense method. If you’re one of them, you need to know which models are better than others. Luckily, there are many guns that have just what you need – they are durable and come with many safety precautions. Hopefully, one of the models above will catch your interest.

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Increasing Strength and Endurance for Hunters

Posted on 09 October 2019 by David Allred

Hunting is a physical workout with a plethora of fitness benefits. The activity, which is mostly engaged in as a sport, requires strength and endurance. Difficult terrain like the mountains or thick forest can sometimes be challenging. Setting traps, long waits to get a perfect shot, tracking your game and carrying the harvest are among the tough activities of hunting that, if you’re in good shape, come easier. 

If you plan on hunting long term, and often, I highly encourage you to engage in workouts that will enable you to enjoy it without getting so fatigued. The good news is that there are many such exercises. It’s up to you to choose the workouts that will fit you well. If you are constantly hiking/scouting, your legs are most likely already getting a pretty good workout, but core work and upper body suffer. Consider using some of the exercises listed below.


Our list starts with this basic, but versatile workout. Push-ups, or Press-ups as they say in the UK, are considered military-grade exercises for building strong triceps and core muscles. The good thing is that they do not require any equipment to perform. Consistently doing about 5 sets with 15 to 20 reps of push-ups will do. Your stamina for things like holding up your rifle will be improved as your upper body and core strength improve.

Weight Lifting

Now, I know that hunting can be an obsessive hobby, thus, weight lifting and hunters don’t normally mix. In fact, I don’t know many hardcore hunters that exercise on a consistent basis. Hunting is their exercise! However, I promise you that if you’ll engage is regular, light weight to moderate lifting, your joints will thank you for when it comes time to go trumping through rough terrain.

You can include dumbbells, kettlebells, deadlifts and any other exercise that works well for you. Target all body areas in a uniform way so that strength and endurance will be distributed evenly. In other words, don’t skip leg day.

Various press workouts like the chest press, leg press and bench press among others are very effective in increasing your strength. They also improve endurance because they are challenging. Steadily increase weight after each set according to your fitness level. Be sure to push yourself without doing too much as to avoid injury.

Tire Drags and Pulls

These are some of the toughest workouts for enthusiasts who want to improve their strength. Even athletes and heavy weightlifters who use gear from the Valkyrie Online website perform tire drags and pulls. Basically, you need a big tire—nothing less than a truck tire. Tie a rope to the tire and drag it with your hands or waist or try to walk with the rope on your thighs. Consistently doing this will definitely improve your strength and endurance, guaranteed. 


The nice thing about squats as well as push-ups is that they can be done without any equipment. However, to make squats even more effective, add some weights in your hands such as dumbbells or kettlebells, or use an olympic lift bar. Include a variation of squats in your weekly workout to get the most from your fitness routine. If you are not sure what is best for you, then you can consult an expert.

With these workouts, you will be preparing yourself for enjoyable hunting days ahead. All you need is to complete the exercises in the right way and make sure that you are consistent.

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Gun Lust: The Struggle is Real

Posted on 01 February 2017 by David Allred

Have you ever had your eye on a specific firearm, with the perfect setup, that you would almost be willing to either trade your first born child or chop off your left index finger for (unless you’re a lefty, then of course you’d sacrifice your right index finger instead.)? It’s a disease that occurs mostly in males between the age of 14 and 35, which is more intense in those who currently don’t own a firearm.

It doesn’t take much to become infected….a simple glance at a catalog, seeing it in action on a TV show, visiting a gun shop and actually holding one.

 Colt LE6940 SeriesIt’s a struggle! Every time you think of that gun, you get an unquenchable lust for it and may experience a slight twitching in your trigger finger. The sound of the reload, the brass hitting the ground or something as simple as the sound of switching the safety lever are the things that make it real to you.

Lately, I’ve been struggling with the Colt LE6940 Series. Trying to find ways to justify the purchase seems like the bulk of my thoughts these days.

Steps to Overcoming Your Gun Lust

First Step

Give in. Visualize yourself being the owner of that firearm. If you can’t see yourself gun in hand, then it may never become a reality. Take a few minutes, several times a day, visualizing yourself at the range with, out on a hunt with, or cleaning your new firearm. Before long, you’ll actually believe that you own it and it will become real to you.

Step Two

Pull the trigger, literally! If you can’t afford to get your gun right away, which happens, don’t be embarrassed. We all have budgets to work with…or no budget at all. So get out and pull the trigger on something until you can afford to purchase your dream gun. Shoot other guns you have or ask a friend to bring his and shoot something different for a change. It may give you some temporary relief from the struggle.

Step Three

Pull the trigger, somewhat literally. When you’re ready, it’s time to pull the trigger and make the purchase. It’s time to rid yourself of this heart-ache and become one with your destiny. Purchase that sucker.

Your wife will forgive you. Your kids will love you and your friends will envy you.

However, if you’re ready to pull the trigger but don’t exactly have all of the funds you need right now, believe it or not, but there is such as thing as firearms financing. Shoot now, pay later…as they say. Or, put it on layaway and pay on it over a period of 90 days. I know that for the most part, we should avoid debt, but in a life and death situation, extreme circumstances take extreme measures.

In conclusion, I hope these steps to recovery from gun lust have been helpful to you. When all else fails, just give in….even if you have several firearms already. It never hurts to have one more gun in the safe these days. And if you have any feedback on steps that have helped you cure your insanity, I’d be glad to hear it.

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High Caliber Protection; How Covert Bullet Proof Vests Can Stop High Caliber Rounds

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High Caliber Protection; How Covert Bullet Proof Vests Can Stop High Caliber Rounds

Posted on 25 August 2015 by David Allred

Ballistic PlatesBullet proof vests are an essential piece of equipment for any who will be facing the threat of firearms; they are lightweight, flexible, and can help save your life. However, many are not aware of the different types of protection they can offer, the styles they are available in, or even how bullet proof vests work. It is important to understand how protective clothing works, and what options are available, in order to make the right decision when it comes to your protection.

Bullet proof vests are tested and graded according to the protection they can offer. This testing is undertaken by the US National Institute of Justice (NIJ), which is widely regarded as the world leader in ballistic testing. This grades body armor according to its level, with higher levels naturally offering more protection than lower levels. For example, bullet resistant armor at Level IIIa is capable of stopping the vast majority of ammunition used in handguns, while still remaining lightweight and flexible. However, it may be that this is not adequate protection; there is no reason to sacrifice protection in the face of high caliber ammunition.

Body armor is capable of protecting against all manner of ammunition, including high caliber rounds usually fired from rifles and automatics, and even armor-piercing ammunition. Protection at lower levels uses materials like Kevlar that are soft and flexible, yet still very strong. These work by ‘trapping’ and flattening a bullet, dispersing its energy and slowing it until it comes to a complete stop. Armor at higher levels still uses these materials, but needs additional protection to stop high caliber rounds. Bullet proof vests at Level III or IV will therefore use rigid plates made from Ceramics, Polyethylene, or a blend of the two. These plates will increase the weight and bulk of armor, but will help protect against higher caliber ammunition. This is done by absorbing the bullet and deforming around it, absorbing its energy in a similar way to Kevlar.

Bullet proof vests at Level I-IIIa use Kevlar inserts, keeping bullet resistant vests soft, lightweight and flexible. However, even higher level armor is lightweight and comfortable to wear, and is available in different styles. Body armor can largely be split into covert and overt styles. Covert vests are designed to be worn underneath clothing, providing discreet protection, whereas overt armor is worn over clothing, and can form part of a uniform. While both styles will be lightweight and comfortable, they each have their advantages.

Overt armor has the advantage of being customisable, and can be augmented with additional protection for the neck, throat, upper arms, and groin. Similarly, high-visibility covers, logos, and insignia can all be added to make overt armor more useful. At high levels, overt armor can form complete protection for high risk situations. Of course, it may not always be beneficial to display your armor, and certain situations will require more discretion. Covert armor offers lightweight and discreet protection, and can still be upgraded to higher levels with rigid inserts at Level III or IV. Covert armor has the advantage of being available with temperature regulating technologies to help keep the wearer cool.

Body armor is a diverse term that encompasses bullet proof vests, stab proof vests, and even ballistic helmets. Understanding the nuances of body armor will help you make the right decision when choosing your vest, and will keep you completely protected. However, whatever the style of vest and however it is worn, complete protection against even armor-piercing rounds is available to be worn however is best for you, keeping you as safe as possible.

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The Ultimate Survival Shovel (Product Review)


The Ultimate Survival Shovel (Product Review)

Posted on 04 June 2015 by David Allred

I’ve had the opportunity to review some decent products lately, but so far, this one has exceeded in it’s class…but you’ll have to see for yourself by getting your own.

survival shovelThe Survival Shovel

So let’s take a look at this survival shovel. I’m telling you right now….it’s quality.

Many other survival shovels sacrifice durability and quality for convenience and price. They’ll use plastic parts instead of metal, which always end up breaking. The only plastic you’ll find on this survival shovel is in the washer between the head of the shovel and the handle.

It adjusts into three different positions. The first position, straight out, is for digging, sawing and using the blade side of the shovel head. The second position is with the head at a ninety degree angle and most likely used for a hoe, or pick. The third position is angled down and away from the handle and could be used for climbing or or easier storage.

I used it, and I like it!

folded survival shovelI took the shovel out for a spin, at night. I wanted to test it out on a dead apricot tree I had out towards the back of my property. My target of choice for the axe was a branch around two to three inches in diameter. With a mediocre swing, I nearly chopped half way through the limb. You’ll have to watch the video to see what happened on my second attempt. Totally unexpected.

After hacking away at the tree, I took it into the front yard from some good ole night time digging. flintI’ve been replacing some sprinkler lines and put the survival shovel and hoe into action. Due to the length of the shovel, it’s not something you want to use for a full day of work, but it can get the job done. And when switched to the hoe/pick position, it works exactly like it should.

In conclusion, I was impressed. It’s a quality built survival shovel will last me for a very long time. Great addition for your camping, hunting or prepping gear!

Here’s my quick YouTube review as well if you’d like to check it out:

If this review was helpful, take a look at for other helpful reviews.

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Can You Sport a Trucker Hat and Look Good? (Product Review)


Can You Sport a Trucker Hat and Look Good? (Product Review)

Posted on 01 June 2015 by David Allred

trucker hat I was recently sent a camo trucker hat by the good people over at Amazon in exchange for an honest review. I can tell you this much, I am not the guy you’ll see wearing a trucker hat! I think my head is too small, or maybe my face isn’t fat enough. I don’t know exactly what it is, but some people look good in trucker hats. I’m just not one of them.

However, just for kicks, my daughter wanted to take a few snapshots of me sporting the trucker hat…which you’ll probably get a good laugh at. My daughter, however, makes the hat look good..and it looked good on her. Some people are just photogenic I guess.

Wearing that hat reminds me of the good ole days of WOC School, which is Warrant Officer Candidate School. I went through WOC school in preparation for flight school. I was to become an Apache helicopter pilot, and while in WOC school, each company had a color and mascot. Our color was purple. Out of all the colors they could have used, why purple! Anyway, part of our uniforms were these massive purple trucker hats, which were coupled with a purple t-shirt, yellow training belt and shorty military running shorts.

We were sexy.

The Trucker Hat

Anyway, as far as the trucker camo hat goes, it’s a very comfortable hat, the bill is bendable and because of the mesh top, it’s breathable. You can purchase a Legend Camo Trucker Hat on Amazon for yourself using that link.

Sporting a Trucker Hatdave in a trucker hat

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Mini Folding Pick Shovel Review – Great Prepper Item


Mini Folding Pick Shovel Review – Great Prepper Item

Posted on 13 May 2015 by David Allred

Mini Folding Pick ShovelIn exchange for an honest review, I received this little Mini Folding Pick Shovel…and to be honest, when I received the package, it was tiny! I was wondering how this little thing could be useful with as small and light as it was, but I guess that’s the point, right?!

You have to know where I’m coming from though. I’m used to the big, bulky, clanky, military issued survival shovels. With it connected to your belt, those things can pull a mans pants down with as heavy as they are. However, I know from experience that you can dig a 6 ft deep foxhole with one. So they’re durable, to say the least.

However, for you doomsday preppers, campers and emergency preparedness people, this is an item you might as well add to your list. It’s small enough, smaller than my hand (when in it’s case), and light enough to add to any bug out bag or 72 hour kit. For some basic use, it’s also a very diverse tool. With the mini shovel having a pick on one end and a shovel on the other, it’s very handy when digging a small trench, working in the garden or even prospecting.

Mini Folding Pick ShovelThe mini shovel comes in two separate pieces. To assemble, all that is required is to screw the handle into the pick shovel end and you’re good to go. It comes equipped with a little compass embedded in the end of the handle grip. It’s not the greatest compass in the world, but hey, when you’re lost, a compass is a compass, and this one will do the trick.

The only thing I’d change on this folding shovel is the plastic coupling used to tighten the pick and/or shovel into place. I’d rather see it built out of the same metal as the rest of the shovel.

As a side note, some may agree while others won’t, but I feel it is important to teach your kids survival tactics and skills, such as how to protect themselves in dangerous situations. Whether for sport or survival, check out

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Airsoft BB Trap Review

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Airsoft BB Trap Review

Posted on 11 May 2015 by David Allred

Airsoft BB Trap and Shooting TrainingIn my opinion, a child is never too young to begin learning how to handle a firearm. Not all, but many of the gun related accidents among children could have probably been avoided with proper education. Given, kids will still be kids…and they don’t always have their heads screwed on straight, but again, in my opinion, a child with a gun who has had some proper training, is always better than a child with a gun who hasn’t.

With that said, with guns spread throughout my house, I’m always looking for opportunities to teach my kids how to properly handle a weapon, and should the need arise, use it. Now that doesn’t mean that I have pistols laying around in areas that are extremely accessible for any of my kids. What I mean by that is this…if one of my kids wants to find a firearm, they will, regardless of how many safety precautions I’ve put into place. So when and if that ever happens in my household, the best safety measure I can put into place will be the ones that are in between my childs own two ears.

Now I’ve got four girls between the ages of three weeks and 13 years old with a mild interest in guns, and a three year old boy who is infatuated with them. So I’m thinking that I should get on the ball and start properly teaching this kid the basics of handling a gun.

So of course, we start with an Airsoft pistol. Yeah, he may be a little young for shooting BB’s, but with proper supervision, it’s a bit more exciting than shooting dart guns.

BB TrapAnd, in order to save our BB’s and shoot indoors, I ordered an Airsoft BB Trap from Amazon as our backstop, and as a disclosure, I did receive the BB Trap for free to “test out!”

My wife wasn’t so sure about shooting guns in the house, even Airsoft guns, so I had to convince her that this was going to be safe, using first hand experience. The BB Trap is basically a pup tent, or one of those windshield shades that can easily pop up and be ready to go. Inside the BB Trap it has strips of fiber and cloth hanging down to slow the BB’s as they enter the trap.

I’m telling you what…it drives me crazy seeing little plastic BB’s all over the place, so this BB Trap is heaven sent.

I printed out a squirrel BB target from the internet and attached it to the BB Trap, which actually comes with a little piece of velcro, in the event you would like to use that to attach targets. Tape works good too.

Key points in my first “official” training session with my three year old boy were:

  1. Properly holding of the pistol.
  2. Keeping fingers off the trigger until ready to fire.
  3. Always pointing the gun down until ready to fire. We’ll work on always pointing the gun down range and clearing the pistol in the next session.
  4. Aiming. This one was tough!

So, instead of the typical household shooting training of, “Don’t point the gun at people sweety,” we’ve taken it a few steps further. Hopefully, with more practice, firearm safety will become second nature to him.

In closing, the BB Trap worked perfectly and was later used as an actual “pup tent!” You can’t beat shooting and playing in forts! Here’s the link for it on Amazon:

Here’s a little video I shot of my training experience:

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Gun Safety for Dummies and Newbies


Gun Safety for Dummies and Newbies

Posted on 31 March 2015 by David Allred

idiot with a gunI’ve been around guns my entire life and have seen people do some pretty dumb stuff. When it comes to gun safety, I don’t think you should rule anything, and I mean ANYTHING out. Even the very simplest, common sense safety measures should be clearly outlined when someone is using a firearm for the very first time. In fact, just throw out any common sense you think this newbie might have, and explain everything, in detail, before you allow them to hold the weapon.

In fact, the NRA does a great job at breaking things down on the privacy policy at

So here we go. Let’s go over the very basic rules of handling a firearm.

Gun Safety for Dummies, Newbies and Everyone Else

  1. NEVER, point the gun at yourself or anyone else. This includes troubleshooting your weapon on a misfire. Should the round not go off, please, DO NOT look down the barrel to see what might have happened. It may very well be the last thing you do.This also means that you’re not spinning the pistol around your finger like you’re in the wild wild west.
  2. Always keep the gun pointed down range, whether it is loaded or not. If someone happens to be down range, remove your finger from the trigger, remove the magazine and the remaining round in the chamber and place your firearm on the table or in its holster.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are absolutely ready to fire, whether the weapon is loaded or not. This means that you know where you target is, you are aiming at it and ready to shoot. This also means that you are aware of others near you and where they are. (They should be behind you!)
  4. NEVER assume that someone is finished firing their weapon. Stay beside or behind them until they are empty and have cleared their firearm.
  5. Guns and alcohol don’t mix. Enough said.

Some of you more experienced shooters know exactly why things have to be so plain and clear. People just don’t think sometimes and do stupid things. I learned this at a very young age. You don’t even need a firearm to nearly kill yourself or someone else. All you need is a single bullet and a rock to hit it with. My brothers friend exploded a bullet that way, lodging a piece of shrapnel within an inch of his heart.

While in the military, I witnessed soldiers attempting to load ammunition backwards into their magazine, only to be all out tackled by a drill sergeant for swinging his rifle back towards everyone while out on the range. Seriously, I didn’t realize how basic it has to become in teaching a newbie how to shoot.

Sites? What are those?

So, if you’re new to firearms, even the most experienced shooters follow these gun safety guidelines. Don’t ever think you’re too cool or that we’re just being uptight. There’s very little margin for error.

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