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Top 5 Gun Simulator Apps on Google Play

Posted on 07 December 2012 by David Allred

Gun Simulator AppsWith as much as I love shooting, it gets a little tough on my wallet. So, to curve my appetite to shoot, I turn to my phone. Google Play has some pretty sweet gun simulator apps, and the Apple Store probably does too. (I don’t have an iPhone and my wife won’t let me try them out on hers!!)

With an unlimited supply of ammo, some of these apps are a lot of fun. My favorite out of all of them is the Weaphones App, built by “OranginalPlan.” There’s both a free and paid version of this app. I only have the free version installed. But out of all the apps I downloaded and tried out, Weaphones had the best graphics, sound and features. It not only allowed me to blow through ammunition the way I like to, it makes you drop the magazine, put a loaded one back in, release the bolt and pull the trigger. Most features that exist on a real weapon, exist on these.

So here’s the list of my top five gun simulator apps in existence today (that i know of and which can be used on an Android phone):

  1. Weaphones. My top pick. Real simulator and great graphics. Allows you to drop magazines, reload, toggle safeties, release bolts, toggle lasers, fold stocks and actually pull the trigger. It allows you to zoom in on the weapon, switch shooting direction and make tutorials optional. Watch Video
  2. Sim Gun. Sim Gun is almost as cool as the Weaphones app. there are several different Sim Gun apps, one for each specific weapon, such as the 1911, M4 and AK47. The sound and graphics are nice and each weapon has different features that are usable, such as reloading, releasing the bolt and extending the stock. The M4 app is probably my favorite one. Another cool thing about this app, you can download a target app on another phone and use your phone to shoot the target using bluetooth. Watch Video
  3. Gun Club 2. Gun Club 2 has a good selection of weapons to use. Graphics don’t really compare to those of the Weaphones app and it is a large download. Watch Video
  4. Guns. Guns, by Calford, is a pretty neat app. One feature I love with Guns is the ability to shoot downrange at different targets. Choose from guns such as the Desert Eagle pistol or an RPG.
  5. A Set of Guns. The simulator is pretty basic but a cool feature in this app, is the game that comes with it. If you’d like to shoot some bottles with your selected weapon, click “play the game.”


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