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Carry a Gun in Your Purse Woman! Family Feud Trivia


Carry a Gun in Your Purse Woman! Family Feud Trivia

Posted on 12 March 2015 by David Allred

Family FeudI was watching Family Feud the other day, something came up that didn’t have, at least to me, one of the most obvious answers. The trivia question was, “Name something you’d find in a woman’s purse that could be used as a weapon.”

As soon as he read it, I’m thinking, “Gun!” Right? Even though it is a weapon, it can obviously be used as one.

The next thing that came to mind, just as the guy on TV said it was mace…another obvious answer, which is also a weapon, but was listed.

As the family took the challenge of naming the rest of the items on the board, answers such as nail file, hair spray, hair brush and keys. Keys were actually number one on the list!

Family Feud Surveys 100 People

So out of one hundred people who were surveyed, most of them would either use their keys or think that a woman would use her keys as a weapon. I sure feel bad for the guy that gets tore up by a woman with a pair of keys! (said in all sarcasm)

Think about the worst possible damage a pair of keys could do to an attacker.

  1. You could scratch them really, really bad….possibly drawing blood.
  2. You could get lucky and actually stick a key in your attackers eye.
  3. Throwing the keys could really bruise someone, maybe…or give you a half second head start as your attacker dodges the keys.

That’s about it. Keys are not a solution for someone who is prepared for such an event. Preparation is the one thing that could mean the difference between a victory or a tragedy. Thinking that you could effectively use a pair of keys, hair spray, a hair brush or even a nail file to fight your way to safety is false hope.

If you are concerned for your safety and a frequently alone, learn how to use a gun and then purchase one for yourself. What says “Leave me alone” better, a pair of keys or a gun? There’s all sorts of apparel to help you easily conceal a small pistol without making you feel like Lara Croft, from Tomb Raider.

I recently paid a visit to www.rangemastertacticalgear.com and was impressed with their selection of purses and handbags with compartments for concealing a small firearm.

As a man, I feel pretty secure with my ability to fend off an attacker, but whenever I’m with my family, I always carry a weapon. You’ll never know when you might have a use for it.

Better safe than sorry, always.

So out of 100 people attacked/surveyed, more than 80% of those would be women. I would hope that more than half of those women would be packing heat along with their keys.

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