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It is Our Duty, As Men and Protectors, To Stay In Shape

Posted on 10 January 2013 by David Allred

When you think of the average American male, what do you picture? If it’s the same type of guy I’m thinking of, it’s a man with a receding hair line, a decent sized gut, flabby arms and a pair of man boobs! The guys physical activities involve going to work and exercising his eyeballs while in front of the TV. The guy doesn’t really over eat, but he definitely doesn’t do anything to stay in shape. When his kids ask him to play basketball or anything related to physical activity, it only takes moments before he becomes nauseated and has to re-assume his position in front of the television in order to avoid passing out. Yet, he still does, sawing logs.

With our modern conveniences, it’s easy to fall into the beer gut mentality, where the word “exercise” has little to know meaning. Diabetes and high blood pressure become a very common side effect as a result of this lazy lifestyle. Medicines are subscribed and enriched opportunities are lost. Instead of being addicted to wholesome activities, we can become enslaved by poor health and prescribed drugs.

Basically put, the guy above is an old beat up Dodge Pinto with a broken down, leaky engine. And the funny thing about that scenario is, his odometer is showing low mileage, yet, misuse and neglect has him run into the ground.

So today, I wish to be as BOLD as I can be. Even if you’re not overweight, if you don’t have an exercise routine, and actively following it, this is for you too.

It is our duty, as men and protectors, to stay in shape

On another blog of mine, I wrote a blog post about the three P’s of fatherhood. In that article, I outline the three primary responsibilities of a father.

  1. Preside
  2. Provide
  3. Protect

Today, I am focusing on just the third responsibility, but in no means is it third in importance. If you’d like to read the actual source of those three P’s, you can read A Proclamation to the Family.

A man who truly cares for his family, should also care about his own ability to protect them. So I pose this question for you… how can a man properly protect his family, should the need arise, if he is out of shape. Seriously. Think about it. Can you picture the man I outlined above, chasing down a vehicle which contains his kidnapped daughter, climbing a six foot fence or swimming out to rescue their child in a lake or rushing river?

Extreme situations call for extreme preparedness. Maybe it never happens to you or those you love, but for some, it’s only a matter of time before it does.

Are you prepared for that moment?

Taken - Protect Your ChildrenMaybe I’ve watched the movie “Taken,” with Liam Neeson and Maggie Grace, one too many times, but I seriously doubt it. These sorts of things happen every day, in real life! If anything, action flicks should be an extreme wake up call to all of us who love action flicks. Whenever I watch an action movie, it’s motivating. It just puts more fuel in my tanks to get my but up and exercise. I don’t want to be the Dad who has to sit back and watch as someone else fulfill my responsibility as a protector.

There’s no single person more qualified for the job as their children’s protector as their own Father!

The moment you become a Father, whether it’s an accident or completely intentional, you are responsible and accountable for your child’s safety and well being. It is your job, from that time on, to prepare that child for the dangers of the world, and then protect that child when they cannot protect themselves. This responsibility isn’t optional! It’s yours whether you choose to accept it or not. I see too many men, fathers, who shirk this responsibility as if it were optional.

A family is weaker without it’s father and a nation is weaker when we stop caring about our own children enough to leave them in someone else’s care and move on. Whatever differences parents have, if at all possible, work them out and say together. Make it about the children if you have to. They’re worth it. Forget yourself.

One Warning: If your only reason, as a man, for exercising, or getting into shape, is to impress others, you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. Sure, I like to look fit and in shape, but I don’t do it to impress others. I do it because my family deserves to have a Husband and a Father who is healthy, strong and fit to be their provider and protector. I’ve seen families torn apart because of vain men, men who spend more time taking pictures of themselves and posting them to Facebook than they do on dates with their wife, or staying active with their kids.

Don’t exercise for the wrong reasons. It’s an addiction that can and will destroy you.

My philosophy in life is to prepare for the worst, but expect the best. We must stay optimistic while maintaining the attitude that, all will not ALWAYS be well in Zion. Sooner or later, something could possibly happen that will require you and I to be at our best, in our best physical condition, in order to prevail.

Call me a skeptic, a worry wart or whatever you’d like. I call it preparedness.

The alternative is….to do nothing.

Good luck gentlemen… and may you have the strength when you need it the most.

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What Can Be Done To Prevent Future School Shootings?

What Can Be Done To Prevent Future School Shootings?

Posted on 14 December 2012 by David Allred

School Shooting in ConnecticutFirst off, everyone effected in any way by the horrific school shootings in Connecticut today will be included in my prayers. There isn’t a decent soul in this country that isn’t grieving for those innocent lives that were lost today.

I have a mild glimpse of the emotions going through every citizen and child involved in that horrible crime. A few years ago, while living in Payson Arizona, I received a call from a friend who informed me that my children’s school was in lock down. Someone on school grounds had seen a man wearing a trench coat, carrying a gun, walking around the school’s premises.

With our home just a few blocks away from the Elementary school they attended, you’d better believe that I was there in moments. The police were there, sweeping the area for the suspect, and all I wanted to do was take my kids home.

That day, I was filled with so much anger and aggression. The thought that my kids had to hide under their desks, with the lights turned off, while police officers swept through the school, made my blood boil. There is not a child in this world that should have to experience that fear, and knowing that mine had to, brought me to tears.

The events of that day were no where near the magnitude as the tragedies experienced in other parts of our nation and in Connecticut today.

 What can be done to prevent school shootings and better protect our children?

After the 9/11 airline hijackings, extreme precautions were put into place to prevent that from ever happening again. When the bombing in Oklahoma occurred, barriers around public buildings and distance restrictions were put into place.

What have we done in our school systems, not to just minimize the chances, but to prevent this from ever happening again?

I may just be naive, but here are a few of my ideas:

  1. Form a Security Agency for School Systems. Create an agency specifically for this purpose and call it the NESF, National Education Security Force, or something. The number of guards at each school would depend on the size of the school. Give them an office space were they’ll have access to security camera’s and be able to monitor everyone approaching the school. People will always argue that most schools don’t have the budget for this, but I am willing to bet, after today’s tragedy, most parents would be in support of a tax raise for this very purpose, if it had to come to that. There are ways to find the funding.
  2. Security Camera’s. If the Security Agency sounds too drastic, then let’s get some camera’s installed at all entrances which would be constantly monitored during school hours.
  3. Medal Detectors. This one would be kind of tough and I’m not sure how effective it would be, but every school could get medal detectors installed at every entrance. The events in Connecticut occurred when school was already in session. If the office was alerted of someone entering the building by a medal detector, maybe something could have been done.
  4. Volunteer Security Force. Given, there would have to be strict requirements for those looking to volunteer, but just as I volunteer to teach my daughters P.E. class, parents could form a committee designed to keep watch…sort of like a neighborhood watch program.
  5. Train Teachers/Principals Defense Tactics. Should it be a requirement, with everything else a teacher or principal is required to do, to take courses specifically designed towards protecting their students? Can we go as far as installing a small “gun vault” in the principals office for protection? I am all for training teachers how to defend and react, which I’m sure there are those sorts of programs already, but I’m not so sure the gun vault would be a good idea. We’re trying to keep guns away from our schools, and putting one in every single school could back fire, or would it?

Just a few ideas for thought. After the events of the potential gunman at my kids school in Payson Arizona, they installed a rod iron fence around the entire grounds with only one entrance, which was the front door. How many schools are in existence which haven’t had something like this happen to them yet, which also don’t have anything place to better protect their students? Too many!

So please, to whoever might read this, let’s work together in creating a safer environment for our children to learn in. With the increase in bullying, the mentally disturbed and terrorists at large, we, as parents, must be involved directly in order to make a change.

I like to hear some of your thoughts and ideas. Leave a comment below if you’ve got one.

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