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Hoyt Carbon Matrix Plus

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The New Hoyt Carbon Matrix Plus

Posted on 27 August 2011 by David Allred

Hoyt Carbon Matrix PlusSay hello to the new Hoyt Carbon Matrix Plus. I was in our local archery shop and was able to handle one of these. It’s structural design makes the bow light and extremely sturdy. Carbon Matrix Plus now features the all-new XTS PRO ARC limbs, high-energy Fuel Cam, their exclusive In-Line Roller Guard System and newly improved Stealth Shot.

It measures 35″ axle to axle and weighs in at 3.8 lbs. It comes in different color mixtures of Real Tree camo, full camo, all black and mixtures of camo and other colors.

This bow not only looks great, it’s for serious bow hunters. It retails for around $1200.

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