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LED Headlamp from SportsTek (Product Review)


LED Headlamp from SportsTek (Product Review)

Posted on 04 June 2015 by David Allred

After just publishing my review on SportsTek’s survival shovel, and as you see in the video I recorded, I also received their LED Headlamp in exchange for some honest feedback.

For the longest time I saw headlamps as something dorks used to read with, but things have come a long way since then. Up until a few weeks ago I had yet to use a headlamp. With all the camping, hunting and outside work I perform after the hours of daylight, I still didn’t see the need for a headlamp. In my mind, a flashlight or my phone worked just fine for what I needed to do.

Man was I wrong. There’s nothing like a beam of light focused exactly where I’m looking. We’ve all done the “propping” of the flashlight thing, trying to wedge it just right so that it’ll shine where you need it to…only to have it slip and fall when you’re in the middle of the task at hand.

LED HeadlampThe LED Headlamp from SportsTek

So let’s talk about the quality of the LED Headlamp SportsTek sent me. My impression after weeks of use is five stars. It’s comfortable, bright enough to do almost anything during the night hours and from what I have seen so far, the batteries seem to last a good while.


LED HeadlampThe LED Headlamp has three settings for the light: Flashing, High and Low. It comes equipped with a scoping lens used to adjust the focus of the light beam. It also comes with a separate attachment used for bike handles.

In conclusion, it’s a nice product. I was actually using it the other night for some outdoor plumbing, and while walking through the house, my mother-in-law sort of giggled at me. She probably wasn’t expecting to see me mounted with a headlamp, but until you find yourself in pitch black, leaning over a hole in the ground and trying to use the light of a flashlight, you’ll be wishing you had a headlamp.

While they’re in stock, you can pick one up on Amazon here: LED Headlamp by SportsTek

Here’s my quick YouTube review as well:

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