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It’s Your Land, Until the Government Wants It!

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It’s Your Land, Until the Government Wants It!

Posted on 07 January 2014 by David Allred

land owner forced off propertyIf you’re thinking the land you purchased last year, ten years ago or even fifty years ago is really yours, think again. The more I learn about being a landowner, the more I realize that my land isn’t really my land. It’s only my land as long as I abide by the governments rules and guidelines in using it. Make sense?

For example, this one will really throw you for a loop…. there’s a non-profit organization in existence today trying to make everyone pay for their utilities, even if they’re living completely off the grid. In their view, everyone, by law, should have to pay a percentage of the utilities, regardless of whether they’re using them or not.

Crazy right? More details on that non-profit coming soon.

I ran across this video earlier today. After you watch the video, I hope you’ll realize how important it is to know your rights and what the government can and cannot do. Oh, and also, I hope you realize why you should never move to California. Even though we’re a neighboring state, Arizona and California are nothing alike!

You might also look up Agenda 21 after you watch this video. It’s a UN agenda which many states in the US have banned or are working on banning, one of those being Arizona.

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