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What Can Be Done To Prevent Future School Shootings?

What Can Be Done To Prevent Future School Shootings?

Posted on 14 December 2012 by David Allred

School Shooting in ConnecticutFirst off, everyone effected in any way by the horrific school shootings in Connecticut today will be included in my prayers. There isn’t a decent soul in this country that isn’t grieving for those innocent lives that were lost today.

I have a mild glimpse of the emotions going through every citizen and child involved in that horrible crime. A few years ago, while living in Payson Arizona, I received a call from a friend who informed me that my children’s school was in lock down. Someone on school grounds had seen a man wearing a trench coat, carrying a gun, walking around the school’s premises.

With our home just a few blocks away from the Elementary school they attended, you’d better believe that I was there in moments. The police were there, sweeping the area for the suspect, and all I wanted to do was take my kids home.

That day, I was filled with so much anger and aggression. The thought that my kids had to hide under their desks, with the lights turned off, while police officers swept through the school, made my blood boil. There is not a child in this world that should have to experience that fear, and knowing that mine had to, brought me to tears.

The events of that day were no where near the magnitude as the tragedies experienced in other parts of our nation and in Connecticut today.

 What can be done to prevent school shootings and better protect our children?

After the 9/11 airline hijackings, extreme precautions were put into place to prevent that from ever happening again. When the bombing in Oklahoma occurred, barriers around public buildings and distance restrictions were put into place.

What have we done in our school systems, not to just minimize the chances, but to prevent this from ever happening again?

I may just be naive, but here are a few of my ideas:

  1. Form a Security Agency for School Systems. Create an agency specifically for this purpose and call it the NESF, National Education Security Force, or something. The number of guards at each school would depend on the size of the school. Give them an office space were they’ll have access to security camera’s and be able to monitor everyone approaching the school. People will always argue that most schools don’t have the budget for this, but I am willing to bet, after today’s tragedy, most parents would be in support of a tax raise for this very purpose, if it had to come to that. There are ways to find the funding.
  2. Security Camera’s. If the Security Agency sounds too drastic, then let’s get some camera’s installed at all entrances which would be constantly monitored during school hours.
  3. Medal Detectors. This one would be kind of tough and I’m not sure how effective it would be, but every school could get medal detectors installed at every entrance. The events in Connecticut occurred when school was already in session. If the office was alerted of someone entering the building by a medal detector, maybe something could have been done.
  4. Volunteer Security Force. Given, there would have to be strict requirements for those looking to volunteer, but just as I volunteer to teach my daughters P.E. class, parents could form a committee designed to keep watch…sort of like a neighborhood watch program.
  5. Train Teachers/Principals Defense Tactics. Should it be a requirement, with everything else a teacher or principal is required to do, to take courses specifically designed towards protecting their students? Can we go as far as installing a small “gun vault” in the principals office for protection? I am all for training teachers how to defend and react, which I’m sure there are those sorts of programs already, but I’m not so sure the gun vault would be a good idea. We’re trying to keep guns away from our schools, and putting one in every single school could back fire, or would it?

Just a few ideas for thought. After the events of the potential gunman at my kids school in Payson Arizona, they installed a rod iron fence around the entire grounds with only one entrance, which was the front door. How many schools are in existence which haven’t had something like this happen to them yet, which also don’t have anything place to better protect their students? Too many!

So please, to whoever might read this, let’s work together in creating a safer environment for our children to learn in. With the increase in bullying, the mentally disturbed and terrorists at large, we, as parents, must be involved directly in order to make a change.

I like to hear some of your thoughts and ideas. Leave a comment below if you’ve got one.

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Gun Simulator Apps

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Top 5 Gun Simulator Apps on Google Play

Posted on 07 December 2012 by David Allred

Gun Simulator AppsWith as much as I love shooting, it gets a little tough on my wallet. So, to curve my appetite to shoot, I turn to my phone. Google Play has some pretty sweet gun simulator apps, and the Apple Store probably does too. (I don’t have an iPhone and my wife won’t let me try them out on hers!!)

With an unlimited supply of ammo, some of these apps are a lot of fun. My favorite out of all of them is the Weaphones App, built by “OranginalPlan.” There’s both a free and paid version of this app. I only have the free version installed. But out of all the apps I downloaded and tried out, Weaphones had the best graphics, sound and features. It not only allowed me to blow through ammunition the way I like to, it makes you drop the magazine, put a loaded one back in, release the bolt and pull the trigger. Most features that exist on a real weapon, exist on these.

So here’s the list of my top five gun simulator apps in existence today (that i know of and which can be used on an Android phone):

  1. Weaphones. My top pick. Real simulator and great graphics. Allows you to drop magazines, reload, toggle safeties, release bolts, toggle lasers, fold stocks and actually pull the trigger. It allows you to zoom in on the weapon, switch shooting direction and make tutorials optional. Watch Video
  2. Sim Gun. Sim Gun is almost as cool as the Weaphones app. there are several different Sim Gun apps, one for each specific weapon, such as the 1911, M4 and AK47. The sound and graphics are nice and each weapon has different features that are usable, such as reloading, releasing the bolt and extending the stock. The M4 app is probably my favorite one. Another cool thing about this app, you can download a target app on another phone and use your phone to shoot the target using bluetooth. Watch Video
  3. Gun Club 2. Gun Club 2 has a good selection of weapons to use. Graphics don’t really compare to those of the Weaphones app and it is a large download. Watch Video
  4. Guns. Guns, by Calford, is a pretty neat app. One feature I love with Guns is the ability to shoot downrange at different targets. Choose from guns such as the Desert Eagle pistol or an RPG.
  5. A Set of Guns. The simulator is pretty basic but a cool feature in this app, is the game that comes with it. If you’d like to shoot some bottles with your selected weapon, click “play the game.”


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BDS Tactical Gear

Posted on 23 July 2012 by David Allred

In my opinion, one can never be too prepared. It’s better to be ready for an emergency situation than it is to be sorry, and I think I’ll stop there, otherwise, we might have an entire dissertation on our hands. No worries though. I’ll get to that with my next post.

BDS Tactical GearOn to my point…if ye are prepared, ye shall not fear. Being prepared means having the know-how and the right gear. One of our newest sponsors, BDS Tactical Gear, has just about everything you’ll need to stow, carry and protect your survival gear. Just to mention a few, they offer holsters, tactical chest gear, back packs, medical packs, rifle slings, ammo pouches, cleaning sets, hydration packs and even BDS tee shirts. As a leading manufacturer of tactical products, their goal is simple, to provide the highest quality, best built and most durable product for the best possible price.

One thing that stuck out to me when I browsed through their site was the little flag in the top right hand corner that reads, “Made in the USA.” Man I love to see those words. Quality. Everything is designed, manufactured and assembled in Oceanside California.

Be sure to pay their site a visit and check out their “NEW” products category as well. Here’s the link to BDS Tactical Gear.

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Gun Laws and Your Right to Defend Yourself

Posted on 29 May 2012 by David Allred

I recently discovered this infographic that has heightened my awareness of my rights as I travel across the states. It’s nice to know exactly how much force you can or cannot use depending on which state you’re in, or which state you plan on traveling to. Some simple knowledge of guns laws can mean the difference in an impossible situation. It’s nice to know that my home state, Arizona, is standing strong with the Stand Your Ground laws along with the right to carry a concealed weapon.

You’ll also find some interesting criminal statistics on the infographic. It’s an eye opener to see how often some of these crimes occur. One out of five homes will be vandalized. One out of five! I can tell you this much, if you don’t have a weapon in your home for the protection of your loved ones and possessions, what are you waiting for? As much as we all want the world to become a better place, bad things will still happen. Don’t be a statistic!

Stand Your Ground Gun Laws by State Infographic

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Concealed Weapons – Concealing a Firearm in Your Vehicle


Concealed Weapons – Concealing a Firearm in Your Vehicle

Posted on 14 March 2012 by David Allred

If you currently hold a concealed weapons permit, are about to get one or live in a state that allows you to carry a concealed weapon, here are a few ways you can conceal a weapon in your vehicle.

The Obvious Places to Conceal a Weapon

There are some obvious places and not so obvious places to conceal a firearm in your vehicle. Some of the obvious spots are:

  • The glove box
  • The console
  • Under the seat
  • Between the seat and the console
  • In the drivers side or passenger side door compartments

Most of these places are obvious spots to conceal a weapon because they’re the easiest places. It doesn’t take much effort to toss a pistol and a few magazines into the glove box before a road trip. Nor does it take much effort to place a weapon under the seat. Easy equals obvious.

Now, I’m not implying that it’s a bad thing to conceal a weapon in any of these places. Having a weapon in the car is better than not having a weapon in the car. However, you have to think about keeping that firearm out of the wrong hands should your car fall victim to vandalism. Burglars are looking for things of value to quickly snag as they walk past your vehicle. A pistol would make a mighty nice prize and turn an average car thief into a more dangerous threat.

Here recently, our neighborhood was frequently hit by a burglar. His primary targets were vehicles. When he was finally caught, he had a knife in his coat pocket, a pistol in his back pocket and a backpack containing four other pistols and enough ammunition to start a small war. It all came from his streak of vandalism.

Vehicle Console Vault - Vehicle Gun VaultHe was caught by a man leaving on an archery hunt at 4am. When approached, the burglar went for his pocket but before he could draw his weapon, the hunter whacked him on the head with his revolver. Just awesome!

If you’re going to secure a pistol in an obvious place in your car, just make sure it’s out of site. If you can help it, make sure someone can’t steal it. For example, you can use a vehicle console vault shown in the picture. You can order them with a key lock or combination lock.

Less Obvious Places to Conceal a Weapon

Depending on the vehicle you drive, there are several places to mount a pistol while keeping it out of site and in a less obvious spot. The dilemma I always face in choosing to carry a weapon in my vehicle is ease of use versus security. On one hand, I want to make sure my pistol is hidden well enough so that it doesn’t get stolen. On the other hand, in case of an emergency, I want to be able to access my weapon very quickly.

With a holster such as the picture below, a pistol can be mounted just about anywhere in your vehicle.

Under Dashboard Mount Holster

Under the Dashboard

Mounting a pistol under the drivers side dashboard is possibly your best option. Depending on the positioning, your weapon will be completely out of site when peering in through the window while being completely accessible in case of an emergency.

Under Dashboard Mounted Pistol

In the Headrest

I’ve also heard of those who have successful concealed a small pistol in the headrest of their seats. The compartment would have to be custom work and sealed with Velcro to appear normal. But hey, if a TV monitor can be mounted in a headrest, so can a small pistol.

In the Ceiling

Another place to conceal a pistol would be in the ceiling matting. I’ve seen pistols mounted behind ceiling lights, TV monitors and in random locations on the ceilings of vehicles with thicker padding.

On the Ceiling

Just mount your weapon on the ceiling of your vehicle. There are a ton of mounting systems and gun racks on the market that can be easily attached to the ceiling of your car. They come with or without locking systems. This probably isn’t the best option when trying to hide your weapon from a burglar, but you’d be surprised by how many people never look up when robbing a car.

Ceiling Gun Mount

In the Trunk

In the trunk is a great place to conceal your weapons. The only downfall is the accessibility. Most trunks can be accessed from inside the vehicles within a few seconds, but sometimes a few seconds is all you have. Plus, most burglars won’t look in the trunk of a car and are more interested in the eye candy. If they can see it through the window, the more likely they’ll break in to get it.

Trunk Gun Mount

Behind the Back Seat Console

Many vehicles are now equipped with a console for the back seat. It flips up and down to hold drinks and miscellaneous items. When up, it looks like the rest of the seat. It’s very easy to access from anywhere in the car and most burglars won’t check it, or even notice it.

Behind a Fake Stereo Faceplate

Anyone who has ever installed a new stereo knows that many of them come with detachable face plates. I’ve seen pictures of a compartment behind that faceplate, just big enough for a pistol. The only problem with this….many burglars try to steal stereos. Last time I checked, guns are worth more than stereos!

On the Side of the Console

Depending on the vehicle, a great place for easy access would be to mount the pistol to the side of the front console. Again, depending on the vehicle, it may be extremely visible to anyone passing by or it may be fairly concealed. In the case of this picture, it would probably be hidden fairly well.

Side of Console Pistol Mount

Inserted in Drivers Side Seat

Another great spot would be inside the front side of the drivers side seat. Depending on the design of the seat, there should be enough room to carve out a little compartment into the front of the seat for safe concealment of a weapon.


In case of an emergency, carrying a pistol in your vehicle can get you out of jam. Creativity is the key and you’re life or those of who you love are the prize. Make sure that you are in accordance with your local and state laws when you conceal any weapon in your vehicle. In my humble opinion, when it comes to my safety, it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

I’m curious to know where you have placed your weapon in your vehicles. What has worked for you? Please leave a comment below.

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List of Online Gun Auction Sites

Posted on 13 February 2012 by David Allred

Gun AuctionsIf you’re anything like me, you like to browse the Google machine to scope out some new guns. However, when it comes to purchasing those firearms, I’m more of a hands on kind of guy. I’m not sure I would ever purchase a firearm online unless it was brand spankin’ new and from a trusted dealer/manufacturer. There are certain things that I like to look for in a gun before I purchase it, and that sort of thing can only be done in person.

BUT, for those of you who don’t mind purchasing your guns online, here is a list I compiled a list of gun auction sites, or firearm auction sites. Some of these sits come and go, they are sold off, acquired by another auction site and redirected, shut down and always changing. So if you find a link that is broken or that doesn’t bring up the auction site it was supposed to, please shoot me a message and I’ll get it corrected.


Gun Broker

Guns America

Gun Auction

Buy Sell Guns



Penny Gun Auction

Antique Guns

Rock Island Aution

Gun Runner Auctions

High Cal Gun Auctions

Spokane Gun Auction

Pot of Gold Estate

Gun Auction World

Arms and Armor Auctions


Guns By Goophie

Tactical Auction

Shooters Bid

Auction 4 Guns

Southern Holsters

Oregon Guns

Guns Club

Another site to check out is AuctionZip. It’s an auction search engine that enables you to look up auctions by zip code.


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The Double Barreled Shotgun

Posted on 03 February 2012 by David Allred

Another firearm favorite of mine is the double barreled shotgun, or what some call a side by side shotgun. Don’t get the double barreled shotgun confused with the over under. We’ll cover that at a later date.

The first double barreled gun dates back to the mid to late 1700’s and sported an over under look. They were a revolving barrel type of shotgun. Flintlock and percussion rifles were created with two barrels and a hammer on each side of the rifle. Back then, it was the most simple solution to sending more shots down range. If you want more rounds to fire, just add more barrels!

Jason Bourne with a Double Barrel ShotgunMy vision of the double barreled shotgun and it’s power comes mostly from hardcore action movies, like when Jason Bourne takes out a fellow assassin in the middle of a grassy field, or when Frank Castle of “The Punisher” wreaks havoc. One of my favorites is with Kurt Russell as Wyatt Earp as he takes out Wild Bill and nearly all of his men. And don’t worry, if you find yourself with a double barreled shotgun, walking forward at a slow pace yelling “NOOOOO,” or, “You tell them I’m comin’…..and hell’s comin’ with me,” you’re not alone.

Aside from movies, the double barreled shotgun has become a popular choice of weapon in video games such as Call of Duty and Doom. Ron Swanson of the TV series “Parks and Recreation” sports a double barreled shotgun. Even Elmer Fudd whips out his double barrel every once in a while. Heck, even Elmer Fudd pulls his out from time to time.

The double barreled shotgun is more than just a shotgun, it’s a symbol that has been used as a weapon of protection. I can’t picture too many people taking a side by side shotgun bird hunting. I’d bet it’s the weapon of choice for every Double Barrel Shotgun Pistolelderly man or woman across the south, when it comes down to home protection. Also, if you run across pictures in the 1800’s, it was often the weapon of choice by stage coach crews. It’s a piece of American history.

Double Barrel Shotgun T-ShirtWhen you pick up a double barreled shotgun, you just feel more manly. It’s the weapon that blows through walls and doors and can blow a man clean off his feet. You can find it in 10 gauge, 12 gauge, 20 gauge and even in a .410. Sawed off, two triggers or one, I’ll take one. Adding it to my Christmas list!

Also, here’s one of my favorite double barreled t-shirts. Click on the image if you’d like to purchase it.

I thought you also might like a few clips from “Tombstone.” Just the good ones, of course!

Wyatt Earp - Hells comin' with me!     Wyatt Earp - The Reckoning "No!"


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List of Free Gun and Firearms Catalogs

Posted on 05 January 2012 by David Allred

Free Sportsmans CatalogsHere is my collection of gun and firearms catalogs that you can either order or view online in a PDF format. They’re all great catalogs, and the best part….is that they’re all free. In my humble opinion, The Sportsman’s Guide is probably the best. If you have any gun or firearms magazines or catalogs that are not on this list, please mention it in the comments below and I’ll add it to the list. All links below are click-able and open in a new window or tab. Enjoy!

Berretta Catalog

Cabelas Catalog

Magills Catalog

Glockstore Catalog

The Sportsman’s Guide

Tactical Gear

Bass Pro Shop Catalog

Remington Catalog (PDF)

Sig Sauer Catalog (PDF)

Brownells Catalogs

Dillon Precision

Midway Flier

Smith & Wesson (PDF)

Colt Catalogs (PDF)

Ruger Catalogs (PDF)

Mossberg Catalog

Henry Catalog

Browning Firearms




Cheaper Than Dirt



CH Kadels


Christensen Arms (PDF)

Black Rain Ordnance

Centerfire Systems

Stag Arms (PDF)

Rock River Arms

Heckler & Koch – Send an email to

Lewis Machine & Tool Company (PDF)

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Knife Depot

Posted on 06 December 2011 by David Allred

Through the years I’ve come to realize the value of a quality knife. In my younger years, I naturally took an interest in knives, guns and everything that boys get into. If it was sharp and you could cut stuff with it, then it was cool. Oh, and the bigger it was, the more awesome it became. My brother and I had an obsession with machete’s and ninja swords back in the day. Who didn’t, right?

Gerber multi-toolCurrently, I own and use the most, my Leatherman and a Gerber knife. If you know Leatherman, it’s a multi-tool. Great, quality knives. However, Gerber makes all sorts of knives, but the one I have is also a multi-tool. I keep one of them in the car and have had to use it time and time again. The Gerber gets used every time I go fishing. I can take it out of the pouch and give it a yank to get the pliers out. Great for taking out hooks!

While browsing I stumbled across the Knife Depot, which has all sorts of knives, from boker to spyderco. Their site is easy to navigate and they offer all the top brands. If you’re a hunter, check out the “Buck Knife” section. Buck knives have been one of my favorites. Quality knives.

And of course, to satisfy the kid in me, and if you can see yourself wandering through the jungles of South America anytime soon, they have a very nice Machete section. If you’d like to take a look at their site it is

I’m always on the lookout for good knives for fishing and hunting. What knife do you use?

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The Milwakee AR-15

Posted on 28 November 2011 by David Allred

Milwakee AR15If you’ve already seen the DeWalt AR-15 and weren’t all that impressed… maybe you’re a Milwakee kind of guy! No worries, someone has fabricated one of those too. With a mounted scope, a folding bi-pod, a chrome finish and the Milwakee red stock, you’re ready to take out some gophers, prairie dogs or your target choice.  I don’t see a battery pack soldered onto the bottom of the magazine like the DeWalt, but still a nice touch. I’ve always been a DeWalt guy when it comes to drills, but you can’t beat Milwakee when it comes to the quality of their sawzalls! I know that doesn’t have anything to do with the Milwakee AR-15, but if you’re anything like me, you have an appreciation for quality rifles and good quality tools!

I don’t see a price tag below this one, but I’m sure it’s priceless.

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