Kellerman – You are More Likely to Get Injured if You Own a Firearm?

Posted on 21 May 2014 by David Allred

I received this comment the other day on one of my blog posts that had to be shared and addressed:

The most likely thing to have happen in your home if you have a firearm there is the injury of you or one of your family members. The odds are really bad. Originally, 43 to 1 by Kellerman. So what if it is only 20 to 1. As fearful as you are, still the most likely event is you or yours getting injured. A really bad bet.

Kellerman firearm self defenseWell, what do you think about his opinion? Are more likely, 43 times more likely, to be injured or fatally wounded as a result of owning a firearm for self defense?

Someone said it, so it must be true!

Here’s a bit of background on the “Kellerman” this commenter is referring to.

Dr. Arthur L. Kellermann, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.E.P, having worked in medicine decided to conduct a study on firearm related injuries and deaths. His studies concluded that those who possess firearms for the purpose of self defense are 43 times more likely to be injured or killed by a firearm.

Although his studies were over a period of around 6 years, he never provided proof of his studies and was criticized by pro-gun organizations such as the NRA (National Rifle Association) claiming that he was just providing anti-gunners propaganda.

43 times more likely to be injured by a firearm if I own one, says Kellerman?

Here’s my take on Kellerman and the comment being addressed above….

I’ve owned a firearm my entire life and nearly every single family member, immediate and extended, owns firearms for self defense, sport and hunting. Out of my 37 years on this planet, I have never heard of any one of those family members being injured by a firearm.

If anything, I would say that those who own a firearm for self defense are AT LEAST 50 times MORE likely to survive an attack from an armed assailant.

I don’t know about you, but if I were in a sticky situation, I would rather be carrying, and at least have the option to defend myself instead allowing someone else the freedom to do as they please with myself and those I care about.

So, tell me. What do you think of the comment above and Kellerman’s study?

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