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Axe Guns or Gun Axes? Axe Beats Bayonet Anyday!

Posted on 06 December 2013 by David Allred

Axe Guns I have always had a place in my heart for unusual and unique weapons, especially those with more than one use. Some can be a little extreme, such as the AR-15 chainsaw combo, but others can come in real handy in a sticky situation.

The weapon of topic today is the axe gun.

I’m sort of divided as to whether or not I should call it the axe gun or the gun axe, but am leaning more towards “axe gun.” An AK-47 would be called an “assault rife” by many, so axe gun it is.

The Axe Gun and its Uses.

Now you’re probably thinking that there’s no way in hell you’d use this thing to actually chop wood with. I know because I had the same thought. Most of these axe guns are more or less hatchets.

With that said, “The Patriot” comes to mind, starring Mel Gibson. He uses a hatchet as his weapon of choice┬áduring the revolutionary war in that movie, which is exactly how I’d be using the axe gun. Instead of a bayonet, you’ve got an axe blade fixed to the end of your rifle.

The first image on this page looks way to nice to have been used back in the day, as if it were a remake of something that existed in the past. So after a quick search, I found some pretty sweet and different versions of the axe gun.

If you come across something that you’d like to share here, leave a comment with the URL to the image and I’ll see about adding it. Also, if you’ve had the opportunity to fire one of the axe guns or rifles, I’d love to hear your feedback.




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