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No Trespassing Signs – Protected by Gun Signs

Posted on 12 June 2013 by David Allred

In today’s society, I rest better at night knowing that, if need be, I can protect my family with my firearms. I couldn’t imagine not being able to own a weapon while criminals can. I’m a strong supporter of our second amendment rights and will be a gun owner regardless of the law.

Protected by Gun Signs

With all the “gun free” signs out there, I thought it appropriate to make a collage of a few of the ‘protected by guns’ signs that are floating around the web. I know for a fact that a criminal will think twice before entering my home if he knows I own gun.

I know you probably have your favorite sign, which might not even be in this collage. If that’s the case, please leave a comment with a link to the image of your favorite protected by gun signs and I’ll add them to the collage.

protected by gun signs

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