Gun Laws and Your Right to Defend Yourself

Posted on 29 May 2012 by David Allred

I recently discovered this infographic that has heightened my awareness of my rights as I travel across the states. It’s nice to know exactly how much force you can or cannot use depending on which state you’re in, or which state you plan on traveling to. Some simple knowledge of guns laws can mean the difference in an impossible situation. It’s nice to know that my home state, Arizona, is standing strong with the Stand Your Ground laws along with the right to carry a concealed weapon.

You’ll also find some interesting criminal statistics on the infographic. It’s an eye opener to see how often some of these crimes occur. One out of five homes will be vandalized. One out of five! I can tell you this much, if you don’t have a weapon in your home for the protection of your loved ones and possessions, what are you waiting for? As much as we all want the world to become a better place, bad things will still happen. Don’t be a statistic!

Stand Your Ground Gun Laws by State Infographic

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  1. rgguns and ammo Says:

    I agree strongly with this . Not enough Guns in the country and laws to protect yourself.

  2. Jessie Preston Says:


    I am looking to bring the gun manufacturers to Oklahoma and not only that, to Native American Tribal Land. The benefits are amazing and there really is nothing else more American….. lol But it is true!!
    I thought with your experience and exposure perhaps you could help me.
    We have colleges that teach gunsmithing and the tribes have programs that will teach any new employees what they need to know that wont cost the manufacturer anything, there are many more benefits, including no taxes. Please let me know what you think and if you can help me in any way! Thank you!

  3. David Allred Says:


    My only experience with reservations has been out of Arizona and New Mexico, which probably differs from tribes in Oklahoma. One major downfall to establishing anything on the reservation is the fact that you can never own the land you build your business on. At any given time, the tribe can kick you off their land. It’s happened many times here in Arizona, and the structures they left behind were ransacked and left for ruin.

    If the tribes in your area have a little better track history, you might have better luck.

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