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List of Free Gun and Firearms Catalogs

Posted on 05 January 2012 by David Allred

Free Sportsmans CatalogsHere is my collection of gun and firearms catalogs that you can either order or view online in a PDF format. They’re all great catalogs, and the best part….is that they’re all free. In my humble opinion, The Sportsman’s Guide is probably the best. If you have any gun or firearms magazines or catalogs that are not on this list, please mention it in the comments below and I’ll add it to the list. All links below are click-able and open in a new window or tab. Enjoy!

Berretta Catalog

Cabelas Catalog

Magills Catalog

Glockstore Catalog

The Sportsman’s Guide

Tactical Gear

Bass Pro Shop Catalog

Remington Catalog (PDF)

Sig Sauer Catalog (PDF)

Brownells Catalogs

Dillon Precision

Midway Flier

Smith & Wesson (PDF)

Colt Catalogs (PDF)

Ruger Catalogs (PDF)

Mossberg Catalog

Henry Catalog

Browning Firearms




Cheaper Than Dirt



CH Kadels


Christensen Arms (PDF)

Black Rain Ordnance

Centerfire Systems

Stag Arms (PDF)

Rock River Arms

Heckler & Koch – Send an email to

Lewis Machine & Tool Company (PDF)

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  4. pet sitting Says:

    I have not identified what I needed

  5. WinchesterWild304 Says:

    Thanks Man! Can’t Wait For Mine To Come In… You Helped Greatly, And Much Respect To You For Keeping The Outdoor Life And Spreading It Amungst Your Fellow Citizens!!!

  6. David Allred Says:

    No problem!

  7. Byron Says:

    CH KADELS may be concidered a gun catalog, they have some good stuff.

  8. David Allred Says:

    Thanks Bryon. I’ll definitely look into it and add it to the list!

  9. Mike Says:

    Thanks for all the free catalog links!! Believe it or not, these are hard to find these days. Greatly appreciated!

  10. David Allred Says:

    Glad I could help out and save you a little time Mike. Who doesn’t enjoy having a bunch of Gun Magazines hanging around their house?

  11. craig Says:

    Thanks so much, I love em I want em gonna get sum more of em, Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  12. Damein Quinland Says:

    Was a great site for free catalog subscriptions, Im a New Gun and Sporting enthusiast and this guided some info to what i was looking for so I can compare models, pricing and observe the evolution of the models each year.
    Thanks guys.

  13. Mike Says:

    Thanks for this! Plenty of bathroom reading for months to come 😉

  14. David Allred Says:

    Isn’t that the truth!

  15. Elise Gingerich Says:

    i feel that i have to get a gun to protect myself from my insane cyber stalker, who claims to have known me from a washington state group care home out there in washington state called the resource center a long time ago, because i feel that my insane cyber stalker who said that they might know me from that group care home called the resource center a long time ago, might really be dangerous, and now i feel like i have to get a gun to protect myself here in texas, yes, i said texas, because my cyber stalker is insane and i have to protect myself! putting a chair and table, or a table or chair against the door is not working! so not working to have a table and a chair, or a chair and a table against the door! i really don’t like guns, what choice do i have though?! what choice do i really have against my insane cyber stalker though, even though i don’t like guns?! 🙁

  16. David Allred Says:

    Elise, I wouldn’t recommend you getting a weapon. in your case, there are other ways to protect yourself. However, if you feel that having a gun is the right solution for you, I would recommend you taking a hunters safety course in addition to a handgun training course in your local area, before choosing to purchase a weapon.

  17. Arlinda Says:

    OMG! You are a lifesaver! I’ve been looking for firearms & gear catalogs to request & haven’t had a lot of success. Believe it or not I have dial-up. Thats how far back in the woods I live lol. Anyway, having an all-in-one list really helps…here’s hoping we can get DSL out here. Have a great one! Thanks again! Wonder if you have a Survival list too?

  18. David Allred Says:

    Great idea Arlinda. I’ll look into that. And good luck on getting DSL. Personally, I couldn’t live without it!

  19. Mustang68stang Says: has a free catalog

  20. David Allred Says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. I looked into it and the correct URL is Thanks for the link!

  21. Tony diaz Says:

    To Whom it may concert?. Please of send me catalogues send To: TONY DIAZ 2308 UNIVESITY AVE #3G BRONX NY 10468 THANK U

  22. Mike Wyrick Says:

    I’d like to see some Tactical and Special Weapons catalogs

  23. RSM Says:

    Thank you for the very informative website, RSM

  24. z3phyrdok Says:

    maybe you should have a facebook too

  25. z3phyrdok Says:
    sorry! it has an “s”

  26. z3phyrdok Says:

    oh crap! i forgot this one too! sorry about this!

  27. william Says:

    thanks so much been looking for some good mags and catalogs email me if you know where to get ne great magazines mailed to home at thnx a bunch

  28. Caitlin Says:

    Please add: Christensen Arms

  29. Evan Says:

    You should add Black Rain Ordnance Inc.

    Get it here

  30. David Allred Says:

    Thanks for the suggestion Evan. I’ll check it out and add it if it’s worthy.

  31. Daylin Says:


  32. David Allred Says:

    Thanks Daylin. I’ll just leave this link in the comments. The links I’m looking to include in this post are those which primarily sell and display firearms.

  33. alex Says:

  34. C3M Says:

    Thank you so much… the wife and i just found a new hobby (guns and loud noises lol) and you helped us find what we want as far as need, want, and furthering education in gun rights and need for such rights. Thanks a million and god bless.

  35. David Allred Says:

    It’s not just a hobby….it’s a way of life!

  36. Jordan Says:

    You should get a turkey hunting magazine

  37. Kyle Harper Says:

    Thanks for doing what you do. Your website was very helpful and easy to navigate. Im going to tell everyone I know about it. Thanks again sir.
    Kyle Harper.

  38. David Allred Says:

    Thanks Kyle. You’re absolutely welcome. Thanks for your feedback and please let me know if there’s something you’d like to see on The Gunsman in the future.

  39. Magnum794 Says:

    im glad I came across this site im a zombie survivalist and its gana make getting guns and comparing guns and brands so much easier
    thanks man you rock

  40. jacob Says:

    A good gun brand to look into would possibly be new england, I have a gun from new england and its great, deffinatley a good brand to look into.

  41. Patricia Gartman Says:

    OMG you are the best this list is awesome. Thanks you should be on social media. This is be on awesome.

  42. Scott Says:

    Thanks for the free catalog sites, big help!!!

  43. William Says:

    Rock River Arms has a good free catalog as well

  44. Ethan Says:

    U are a man who knows what a man is looking for thanks a lot

  45. Ethan Says:

    Maybe a couple knife catalogs if its not to much but hey your site it wont bother me if you say no just figured be a good idea

  46. Clint Says:

    You can email heckler & koch customer service and request a free catalog

  47. David Allred Says:

    Perfect! Thanks Clint. I’ll get that one added on the list.

  48. Tim Williams Says:

    Hello, I need a full bolt and its component parts (if any) for a model 34 Remington .22 Cal serial # 156897. The full bolt was accidentally lost. It fires short, long and long rife. Can you tell me how and where I can obtain one and home much it would cost. Also, how to get specs and drawings for same. Thanks a lot.

  49. Bill J. Says:

    I didn’t see “Fire Quest” listed. They have fun ammo. Check it out. Bj

  50. David Allred Says:

    Thanks Bill. They do have some very interested ammo choices. I’d add them to the list if they actually had a magazine you could order or download but didn’t see a link to that.

  51. Jon Says:

    What a awesome resource! The Sportsman’s Guide a must!

  52. Glenn R Wemmer Says:

    Ruger link broken, thanks for the collection of links, saved me some time.

  53. David Allred Says:

    Thanks Glenn. Fixed the Ruger link. It looks like they’re only offering a PDF catalog now and are no longer mailing them out.

  54. Brandon Barlow Says:

    Thanks for the Links David! Safe shooting buddy..

  55. Brandon Barlow Says:

    DPMS online catalog:

  56. Natasha Says:

    Could u do an updated list please???!!!!!? This is so awesome of u though thank u so much! Looking forward to getting all the catalogs I could soon! There is a bunch of links that doesn’t work now just thought u should know! Thanks man!

  57. Billy Says:

    Great help on info but your recommendation for This is no longer available.

  58. Walter grant Says:

    I was trying to get a book

  59. David Allred Says:

    Hi Walter. Many of the links on that page allow you to fill in your information to request an actual catalog while others only provide you with a PDF version of their catalog. Good luck and I hope you find what you’re looking for. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.


    god bless america!

  61. Ernest Wayne Toney Says:

    I am looking for a semi. auto. or pump .410 shot gun any type make, do you know what company may carry them??? I want to buy either type of them and I want to buy at lease two. Can you help me out???

  62. Colin pipkin Says:

    I would like a catalog

  63. Emmanuel Ayala Castillo Says:

    I love this website and FREE CATALOG. Thank you!!

  64. James LEE Haden Says:

    I love this website

  65. James LEE Haden Says:

    I love this website for its guns



  67. Br Says:

    Looking for free catalogs

  68. Jack Says:

    Legacy sports international also has a free catalog,your website is great

  69. Tony Diaz Says:

    to whom it may concert please of send me free catalogue with all kinds supplies in general my mailling Andreas Tony Diaz P O Box 547.ny NY NY 10040.PLEASE SEND FREE sample supplies in general thank

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