The AR-15 Chainsaw Attachment

Posted on 09 December 2011 by David Allred

AR-15 Chainsaw AttachmentAs I was browsing through pictures of the DeWalt AR-15 and the Milwakee AR-15, I stumbled across this bad boy. The AR-15 with chainsaw attachment. I’ve seen various pictures of this AR-15 and thought the soldier picture would be the best one to display. I can see it now…the soldier is heavy in combat and the enemy is getting near. He hears his captain or sergeant give the order to fix bayonets! Instead, he just fires up the ole chainsaw attachment and starts hacking heads and limbs off!

I know…I’m demented.

From the looks of it, the chainsaw can probably move, but only with a small electric motor. I highly doubt it has any horsepower behind the blade, unless there’s something in that little box I don’t understand, but cool nonetheless.

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  1. Pip Lache Says:

    Or maybe it’s for a Zombie Apocalypse & he’ll use it to conserve ammo. You wouldn’t believe what soldiers think these days. (Especially those in the Special Forces…)
    (Really though I’m sure it’s for cutting through wooden obsticals because the terrorists generally live in some makeshift areas & you never know…)

  2. David Allred Says:

    Good point Pip. Although handy, would it’s convenience be worth the pain of having to haul it around all the time!

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