Marlin .22 Caliber Rifles

Posted on 24 October 2011 by David Allred

Marlin Firearms has a great selection of .22 caliber rifles ranging from lever action to  semi-automatic. I was impressed with the diversity of their .22 caliber rifles and have provided this list for easy reference.

Marlin Firearms .22 Caliber Rifles

Marlin Lever Action .22 Caliber Rifle - Model Golden 39ALever Action Rifles

Model Golden 39A

Auto Loading or Semi-automatic Rifles

Marlin .22 Caliber Rifle - Model 60Model 60

Model 60C

Model 60SB

Marlin .22 Caliber Rifle - Model 795Model 60SN

Model 60SS

Model 795

Marlin .22 Caliber Rifle - Model 70PSSModel 795SS

Model 70PSS

Bolt Action Rimfire

Marlin .22 Caliber Rifle - Model XT22Model XT-22Y Youth Series

XT-22 Series

The XT-22 and XT-22Y Series, much like the Model 60, come in many different finishes and styles. You can get it in brushed nickel, black, synthetic stock or camo. It’s available in .22 short, long or Long rifle as well as 17 HMR.

Marlin Firearms has  a great history and is probably number one in the world for .22 rifle sales. I’ve spoken to several people who absolutely love their Marlin rifles and wouldn’t consider buying any other brand. You can pick up a Model 60 at your local Walmart for around $160. Not a bad price for a great .22 rifle.


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  1. O.T. foss Says:

    Searching for marlin .22 80-DL Microgroove rifle, out of production, especially original diopter part, evt. working drawing of diopter.

    Bew much grateful for reply

  2. David Allred Says:

    O.T. I wish I could help you. The best advice I can give is to do a search on a gun auction site. I have compiled a list of some of the most popular auction sites on the web. Here’s the link: Gun Auction Sites Also, I’m sure you’ve already done this, but check the gun shows in your local area.

  3. P.C. Says:

    Hi Dave, I have a Marlin 22 rifle, mod.37, can’t find any information on it. Contacted Marlin website but they lost all records prior to mod.39. Would appreciate any info you can offer. Thank you

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