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List of 50 Caliber Pistols

Posted on 03 October 2011 by David Allred

There’s not very many .50 caliber pistols being manufactured out there, and it’s a shame. So I did a bit of research and have listed the ones I could find below.

Government Industries 50 Caliber 1911Government Industries .50 Caliber 1911

The 50GI is a low pressure round that doesn’t give you a big concussion blast like high pressure rounds such as the 10mm does. This makes it more tactically sound in a firefight. The 50GI case was designed with a .45ACP case head size which allows for a barrel and magazine swap so either round can be used in the same pistol with only a barrel and mag swap. This further increases its versatility and value.

Smith & Wesson 50 Caliber RevolverSmith & Wesson .50 Caliber Revolver

This pistol comes with different barrel lengths. Personally, sometimes size does matter! But then again, if you have to conceal a pistol, you can enjoy the same quality 50 caliber pistol from Smith & Wesson but with a shorter barrel and different purpose.

Desert Eagle .50 Caliber PistolDesert Eagle .50 Caliber Pistol

The Desert Eagle was the first 50 caliber pistol I was able to fire. When I think of a .50 caliber pistol, the Desert Eagle is always the first one that comes to mind. On top of that, my choice is always semi-auto over revolver.

AMT Automag  .50 Caliber PistolAMT Automag IV .50 Caliber Pistol

I’m not so sure that AMT still manufactures this pistol, but there are some still out there on the market. It holds six rounds and would sell on the open market for around $800 US.

Grizzly Win Mag .50 CaliberGrizzly WinMag .50 Caliber Pistol

I know for a fact that the Grizzly WinMag is no longer in production and all models are sold out. However, it seems as though Grizzly still offers parts for it. Grizzly seems to be moving more towards their .50 caliber rifles in production.


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  1. geoffrey l. cotter Says:

    too big for me.I can alwaye hit what i aim at with my .44 hearing wont tolorate .50cal. handguns. but they are a great gun

  2. Gary Knowles Says:

    Wher can i find more information on the Walther 1250 dominator, falcon hunter and night hawk.

    Thank you for your help
    Gary knowles

  3. David Allred Says:

    Gary, I did a search on Bing and found a ton of information regarding the Walther 1250. I plan on doing a blog post on it real soon.

  4. Brad Says:

    I have a .50 LMR Grizzly Mark V Crome/Nickel model. It was made for me here in West Jordan. Shot maybe 250 rounds and its in new condition. Any idea on a value. Is the government trying to ban the .50 Cal. ?
    Thanks, Brad

  5. David Allred Says:

    I haven’t heard anything which could effect the .50 cal pistols. Most of their attention is geared towards automatic and semi-automatic assault weapons.

  6. Brad Says:

    It’s a L.A.R. Not LMR Lol

  7. Tom Says:

    Not to be nit picky, but why is it so essential to have a .50 cal. pistol? The .357 seems to, from what I have read, be most adequate, actually more adequate than a .45 when using hollow point bullets in a scenario of self-preservation
    Is the .50 cal. mostly just for the fun of it, as it does not seem to have any more value than a 9mm, .40 cal. or .45 for defensive purposes, even a .380.
    Just because one may have the ability to create something as the .50 cal. pistol does not imply that it needs to be done.

  8. David Allred Says:

    Tom, my advice to you is to get your hands on one and shoot it. It’s just one of those guns you need to experience in order to appreciate. In my opinion, anything above a 9mm will deliver enough of a blow when protecting yourself. A .50 cal pistol definitely isn’t for everyone.

  9. t. franklin Says:

    Where can I obtain a GRIZZLY .50 CAL? And how much could I expect to pay for one? What is the difference between the Desert Eagle vs. The GRIZZLY? Which gun is more powerful? A .50 cal is a .50 cal right?

  10. David Allred Says:

    A .50 cal pistol is a .50 cal pistol, however, each pistol has it’s own feel, not only in your hand, but when fired. I’ve fired both a .50 cal revolver and the Desert Eagle semiauto, and the revolver had much less kick due to the longer barrel. I prefer the semiauto over the revolver, in any caliber for various reasons, but it’s all about preference.

    As for the Grizzly, last I checked, they were out of production and no longer being made. You’d have to search it out and find one on your own through gun auction sites or the traditional way, one gun shop at a time!

  11. xteeth Says:

    The most likely thing to have happen in your home if you have a firearm there is the injury of you or one of your family members. The odds are really bad. Originally, 43 to 1 by Kellerman. So what if it is only 20 to 1. As fearful as you are, still the most likely event is you or yours getting injured. A really bad bet.

  12. David Allred Says:

    xteeth, I think this is a great topic for discussion. Look for an upcoming article to address your statement very soon!

  13. Smitty Says:

    Actually guns in home are for your and families protection. As crazy as this world has become nowadays. There is things called gun safes as Well as locks for weapons also for families protection. As a child raised around weapons and ex military there’s nothing wrong with the right to protect family. Each person has their own opinion and not saying yours is wrong just wanted to add there’s the right to bear arms and also protect ones family.

  14. RealAmerican Says:

    Xteeth, stay in your deluded dimocrat world & pray no home invaders kick in your door. If it happens, you will get what you asked for.

  15. D. L. Wallick Says:

    Curious. Do they manufacture silencers (re: sound suppressors are more PC) for the 50-cal semi autos? Or other accessories for that matter. Seems like a niche..

  16. Sharon Says:

    What should I list my grizzly 50 cal for ? It’s not the hand held one – it’s the big one.

  17. David Allred Says:

    Hi Sharon, I’ve seen them listed around the internet for close to $2,000. It all depends on what you have on it or with it though. Does it have a scope, case, tripod, etc?

  18. Sharon Says:

    No Scope but it has a tripod

  19. Sharon Says:

    Thank you for your help

  20. josh Says:

    I have owned 40 cal. But now I have the problem of finding a 50 cal. Desert Eagle in in my area

  21. Ethan L Obenauer Says:

    The reason I prefer a .50 Cal is simple, in a life or death situation, using a 9mm, you’re not going to be deadly accurate. Let’s say with a Beretta 92FS, you hit the attacker in the shoulder or leg, they can still take you down just as quickly. However using my Colt M1911 which I had chambered for .50AE which is my service gun as a cop, I can hit a guy in the shoulder and take him down. Now I still keep a 9mm on me for just wounding but the .50 Caliber pistol has the best stopping power which is why they are so good.

  22. Ethan L Obenauer Says:

    Josh, .50 Caliber pistols are uncommon, and a true Desert Eagle will be both VERY hard to find and above $3,000 in price. However that is for a real Desert Eagle the more common ones are the ones not manafactured in Israel. You can find a Carbon Polymer remake of a Desert Eagle for around the $700-$1,200 dollar range but one reason they might not be in your area is because some states and/or counties in the U.S. have banned weapons over a certain caliber. For example, my neighboring county will not sell a pistol chambered in anything over a .40 S&W to someone without a military or police ID. No .45, .44 Magnum, or .357 weapons are legal to civilians there, maybe your area has the same resrictions?

  23. michael bishop Says:

    last I checked a .357 is SMALLER than a .400……just sayin’, I get your point but the math is a little off here by .043 per my calculator

  24. Paul Says:

    This is for everyone.I was raised around guns and from a large family that everyone had guns not a gun.all of us’kids’were taught to respect all guns to shoot hunt clean and as I was taught never have your main protector unloaded how do you protect yourself and loved ones with a empty gun.And Mr obenauer a 22 cal.will bounce around inside the from bone to bone killing a large man easily and 1 shot when perhaps only 1 shot with that 50 cal.may go straight through and never hit a vital organ.Don’t get me wrong guns all of them kill.May God bless and watch over us all.

  25. Harry Says:

    I’m curious to know the difference between the various Desert Eagle 50s Models. Called a local dealer and there’s 3 he offers.

  26. Tim Says:

    Taurus made a Raging Bull 50 revolver once upon a time. Shot the S&W 50 mag. With a 10″ barrel. No longer in production.

  27. Randy walker Says:

    I have 45 cal Springfield mod.2, 5″ barrel, 13 round mag. Its about the same size as the desert eagle and gets the same job done. I got it on sale for less than 400 dollars and I’ve never had a single malfunction.

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