The Ultimate Dodge Truck

Posted on 23 August 2011 by David Allred

machine gun Dodge truck

You know, I’m not much of a Dodge fan, but I’m a die hard Jeep fan (I know), but this makes me want one. This is just a mean machine, even without the massive gun mounted in the back. Not only could this truck go just about anywhere, it’s going there in style!

I wonder if the gun comes as an upgrade or if they’re just throwing it in as part of a promotion.

It looks like a 7.62 mm machine gun normally used in military helicopters. Six barrels and 4400 rounds of firepower. Machine guns like this can shoot up to 6000 rounds per minute. That’s 100 rounds fired off every second.

I’ll take two of them!

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    “Our boys in the field call it Puff the Magic Dragon and Uncle Gazpacho.”

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