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10 of My Favorite Guns

Posted on 24 August 2011 by David Allred

  1. Desert EagleSig Saur .40
  2. AR-15
  3. Remington 12 gauge
  4. Savage 30 ot 6
  5. Smith and Wesson .22 cal revolver
  6. 20 gauge/.22 cal Over-under
  7. The Saw
  8. M-16
  9. Semi-automatic .22 cal rifle
  10. Desert Eagle .50 cal Pistol

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David Allred Author: David Allred is the creator of Besides shooting things and blowing stuff up, David is a full time Father and Husband, Internet Marketer and Home Based Business owner. David Allred on Google+

7 Comments For This Post

  1. David Allred Says:

    The first time I shot a Desert Eagle, I was sold. Pure power man! And it destroyed the old fridge we were shooting at.

  2. ulises Says:

    hey all i gada say is from your list u got great taste!!

  3. geoffrey l. cotter Says:

    ruger .22 pistol, henry ar-7 .22 survival rifle, S&W .357 magunm,model 29 .44 magnum, colt ar m4 carbine, mossberg .12 gauge mod. 500 ak 7.62/39 marlin .357 & .44 mag. lever action mod. 1894 colt 1911 .45, defender .9m browning .9 BDM. sig. 226 .9m winchester mod. 70 .243 just to name a few.

  4. gdg Says:

    Rifle/Shotgun: Marlin 1895 lever action 45-70, Browning A-bolt 300WSM, Bushmaster AR-15 223 caliber, Traditions Kentucky 50 caliber flintlock, Mossberg 500 12guage – – Pistol: Springfield Armory GI 1911 45cal, Springfield Armory XD 40cal, Stoeger Cougar 9mm, S&W J-Frame snub 38 special, Colt-Blackpowder 1847 Walker, Traditions 1861 colt 44.

  5. David Allred Says:

    Nice list gdg. Sounds like you’re into some antiques!

  6. Tony Rush Says:

    I wouldn’t say these are my “favorites”. Just what I’ve got at the moment (and I DO like them).

    Glock 21 (.45)
    Sig Sauer Copperhead (9mm)
    Ruger LC9 (9mm for concealed carry)
    Mossberg 500 (for home protection)

  7. David Allred Says:

    That’s a nice list you’ve got there Tony! And hey, in the moment you might need your gun (hopefully never), whichever gun you have, it automatically becomes your favorite!

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